Frequently Asked Questions

What are Lavender Pillows?

Souf lavender pillows are lovingly handcrafted to provide a natural alternative relief through its soothing lavender scent and deep touch pressure.

Melt any muscle aches, migraine, headaches, menstrual cramps back and leg pains by easily heating or freezing the pillows. Suitable (and does wonders!) for use during pregnancy labour and nursing.

Sit back and relax with the heavenly scent of these lavender pillows that is extremely soothing & therapeutic!

Available in these sizes:

  • Small / Medium / Large
  • Eye Masks
We have pure lavender products (lavender pockets & lavender bed pillow inserts) and giftsets as well

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What can I use it for?

  • Muscle Aches or tensed muscles, inflamation and Swelling
  • Tension or muscle contraction-type H
  • eadaches and Migraines
  • Nursing; Eases Engorgement, mastities, promotes letdown and prevents clogged ducts
  • Pregnancy; Sooth Back pains, promote relaxation and tensed muscles
  • Labour support; Back pain relief and relaxation
  • Encourage a more restful sleep
  • Calms anxiety & encourage a relaxed state
  • Useful for menstrual cramps

What does it contain?

These pillows are 100% handmade, all-Natural and toxic-free

It contains Premium Grade Grains & Organic Lavender

Materials used are 100% Cotton

How long do these pillows last?

The lavender scent lasts at least for 6 months with proper storage. Leave them in the packaging provided when not in use.

When scent has started to fade, gently squeeze as it would release its natural lavender oils (especially for pockets and bed pillow inserts).

As for the heating & freezing functions, it can last for many years following proper instructions provided.

Alternatively, the inner packs can be purchased separately.

How do I heat up?

Pop your pillow in a microwave, conventional oven or airfryer to heat it up.

These pillows can retain its temperature for 30-45 minutes. Allow them to cool in between heatings.

Heating Instructions

Microwave oven:

microwave heating
  1. Place pillow in oven beside a cup of water to prevent moisture loss
  2. Heat for 30 Sec or heat in 15 secs increment until desired temperature is met

Conventional Oven / Airfryer:

air fryer heating
  1. Wrap pillow completely in aluminium foil
  2. Preheat oven to 100 degrees
  3. Heat for 10-15 Mins

Avoid overheating pillows.
Allow 20 mins rest before next heating.

What can I use a heated pillow for?

  • Soothes tension headaches or muscle contraction type headaches
  • Provides relaxation and aid for pregnancy pains well as during labour
  • Nursing; encourages let-down. Prevent clogged milk ducts and engorgement
  • Useful for menstrual cramps
  • Ease muscles aches, tension and stiffness
  • Better sleep & relieves anxiety

How do I freeze it?

Freezing Instructions

refrigerator cooling
  1. Place pillow in a separate ziplock to preserve aromatherapeutic effects.
  2. Freeze for 20-30 mins or until desired temperature

What can I use a cooled pillow for?

  • Ease migraines
  • Reliefs nursing tenderness, mastitis
  • Soothes acute injuries or pain, along with inflammation and swelling

Are your covers removable?

Our covers can be removed for washing. We recommend hand washing them to maintain quality of the fabric.

Please do not wash the inner pack.

You can purchase individual pillow case in various designs!

Why is my pillow damp?

New pillows release moisture when heated thus we recommend heating them 1-2 times before use to remove any odour caused by excess moisture. Allow them to cool in between heatings.

Can I use it on babies?

These pillows are completely different from the usual buckwheat pillows that are normally placed on babies’ chest as the main functions of these lavender pillows are the heating and freezing as well as the lavender scent. Thus, it would be more beneficial for older kids and adults!

However, it can still be used on babies but do take precautions as these contains small pieces and the scent may be overpowering.

Is it safe for pregnancy?

Always do a test first, stop immediately should there be any discomfort.

These products have been used by many mothers and shown that it benefitted them throughout their pregnancy, labour and postpartum.