For the love of lavender

Hand made heat and freeze lavender pillows. Made with 100% natural ingredients.

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What are Souf Lavender Pillows?

Souf lavender pillows are grain-filled pillows infused with organic lavender buds. Lovingly handcrafted, our pillows provide a natural alternative relief through its soothing lavender scent and calming deep touch pressure.

Sit back and relax with the heavenly scent of these lavender pillows that is extremely soothing & therapeutic!

lavender bouquet

Some Like it Hot,
Some Like it Cold.

Melt away any muscle aches, migraine, headaches, menstrual cramps, back and leg pains by easily heating or freezing the pillows. Suitable (and does wonders!) for use during pregnancy, labour and nursing.

Place it wherever you desire and let the heat and lavender scent lift your stresses away.

Our heat and freeze pillows

lavender hot cold pillows

Signature Heat and Freeze Lavender Pillows

Comes in 3 sizes, each size suits different needs!

lavender eye mask pillow

Signature Heat and Freeze Lavender Eye Mask

Lovingly handmade and one of a kind, these eye pillows are specifically made for one purpose - a more restful sleep

Our pure lavender products

If you can't get enough of our soothing lavender pillows' scent, we've got two new products that has nothing but lavender!

Yes, 100% lavender!

lavender mini pockets

Lavender Pockets

These pocket-sized lavender sachets are your perfect partners. Pop them into your bag, wardrobe or dryer and let the sweet scent of lavender enthral your senses.

lavender bed pillow inserts

Lavender Inserts

Sleep in a cloud of lavender aroma with these lavender-filled pillow inserts. Small enough to slip into any pillow, big enough reason not to get out of bed!

mixing lavender